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Another writer, Argentinian Abel Basti, also claimed the pair escaped to Argentina via Spain and a submarine moored in the Canary Islands.However, Basti believes Hitler died in South America in 1971 and was buried in a secret bunker in the city of Asuncion, underneath what is now a hotel.Phillip Citroen (left), a former SS soldier, went to CIA agents in 1954 to say that he had seen a man claiming to be Adolf Hitler (right) alive and living in Colombia.Citroen gave agents this photo to support his claims Citroen claims to have visited the town while working for a railroad company where he was introduced to a man 'who strongly resembled and claimed to be Hitler'.Even your house will be dirtier (Institute for Social Research).” There is a response from a woman, who, big surprise, has a big career. It’s just that not every woman wants to take care of a family and marriage full time, and even fewer men do.And increasingly few people want to give up almost all child-rearing responsibilities in order to be a single breadwinner. Before I get accused of throwing stones from a glass house, let me come clean with the fact that my husband and I are constantly restructuring our work life in response to these statistics.However the CIA was clearly extremely skeptical of the claims and recommended the matter be 'dropped'.

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Another document reveals an SS officer claiming to have seen Hitler in Denmark, shortly before changing planes to his final destination.

You will be unhappy if they make more money than you do (Journal of Marriage and Family, 2001). There is little evidence that the role of housewife is any more frustrating than the role of housewife and careerist rolled into one.

You will be more likely to fall ill (American Journal of Sociology). The point is that marriage and family work best when one person is taking care of them full time. Everything in the world is best off when it is cared for very carefully. (I have done both roles and both are very difficult and not totally satisfying.) The conclusion, that marriages and families work better with a full-time housewife, is hard to swallow but hard to deny.

Cimelody also provided agents with a photograph purporting to show Citroen with Hitler, who was named on the back of the image as Adolf Schuttlemayer.

According to Cimelody, Adolf left Colombia in January 1955 for Argentina, though he does not say exactly where.

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