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Supervisors, meanwhile, must fight “the inclination to look the other way,” said Putnam.Chris Mazzia, an employment attorney with Anderson Zeigler in Santa Rosa, said managers and owners should avoid “the not-here syndrome,” essentially denying that there could be certain types of sexual harassment in their workplace.“Businesses succeed by making difficult decisions,” Mazzia said, and managers must push past any emotional or institutional barriers in order to deal respectfully and impartially with a sexual harassment complaint.Putnam emphasized that workers who bring complaints are in fact offering employers the chance to correct a problem.

The unprecedented wave of sexual harassment reports has spawned “#Me Too,” a movement of women demanding change and gaining attention.

In the wake of allegations and lawsuits against So Fi, the company’s executive team “has taken a hard look” at the company’s culture, “and frankly we still see a lot of room for improvement,” according to spokesman Jim Prosser.“We are taking strong steps to make clear that we will resolutely enforce our policies against sexual harassment and other inappropriate behavior,” Prosser wrote in an email.

“If someone at So Fi acts improperly, we want to know about it.

Scott Ormerod, a partner in Leap Solutions in Santa Rosa, said companies also benefit when they provide a workplace where workers feel welcome, accepted and respected.

In such companies, managers take time to address issues they encounter and they demonstrate that they are responsive to their workers.

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