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Rhet0ric Tue Feb 6 2018 pm ESTDomi like all of AZ has underwhelmed.

“I think we’re at a point in time where just about anything is on the table, right,” conceded Friedman. I don’t think they’re going full ‘tear ourselves apart’ rebuild, but I think they’ll do anything that can give them some flexibility, give them some young pieces, and then let them say, ‘Okay, we’re going to take a shot at some things.’ “ Shattenkirk has a no-movement clause this year, and a modified no-trade clause for the final three years of his contract.

I think he is a substantially better player then he is showing right now.

And while it would take a nice return for them I don’t think his price tag is eye popping.

Would create a little more separation for the top teams that win mostly in regulation and teams with a bunch of OT losses would not be as close to them Wildcard Mon Feb 5 2018 pm ESTIf AV does not put Mc Cleod out there the next time Rousell is on the ice with specific instructions to pound his fucking head in I'm going to smash my tv. Stepunmytoe Mon Feb 5 2018 pm ESTAnd explain to me what twisted reality this is that the Rangers can simultaneously be in last place AND 2 points out of a wildcard spot?

Almost as bad as back when there was 16 playoff seeds when there was only 22 teams NYStranger Mon Feb 5 2018 pm ESTNYStranger: I believe with limited no trade lists, the player doesn't have to provide his list of non-tradeable teams until that list is asked for.

ETue Feb 6 2018 pm ESTPJ: 30 teams do each spring. Stevielegs Tue Feb 6 2018 pm ESTI find the Grabner to the Canes rumour interesting. Come to think of it, there hasn't been an off-season when I thought 'hey, we should keep Rick Nash.' Let's be clear too: I haven't even grazed the surface of what he's getting paid. And certainly, he's a good hockey player..take a look at this guy's career...there was a reason why the Jackets traded him in his prime..saw a guy who would never live up to his potential and was quite literally incapable of stringing together consistent performances, much less leading. and fishboy so far looks like he’s going to rearrange the chairs on the titanic. If I'm Jeff Gorton, one of the first guys I'm dealing is Kevin Hayes. Just a boatload of size and talent and can do absolutely nothing with it... And it's sad too, because if they gave 110 percent effort, they could make the playoffs with the way Hank is playing..alas, as we saw again tonight, too many passengers on this who is going to stand up, quit crying and start playing hockey... tdchi Tue Feb 6 2018 am ESTExactly the game i wanted to see with the result i wanted to see. We are not winning the cup with this core, so might as well, get the highest possible pick. He doesn't look like a same player prior to the injury.

The Rangers had a great run, albeit ultimately unsuccessful one, but it's time to retool/rebuild. Let's hope Gorton does the right thing(s) here.r F4LTue Feb 6 2018 pm ESTWe will be watching one of these guys skating around with the Cup this spring... As I posted on the weekend, it makes more sense the target MZA, for 2 reasons: He's better than Grabner at generating offense (is a true top 6 forward) and is signed for another season. tdchi Tue Feb 6 2018 am ESTWho are you going to believe your eyes or the coach? Blame the crew while the navigator and the captain of the ship order full speed ahead. He's been invisible since coming back from his injury. Never in my wildest nightmares did I think Cody Mc LEOD would be as utterly worthless as he is. Tell you what, the Rangers could have something special in LETTIERI. Rick, I've waited six seasons for this moment..while his platitudes are nice and all, I simply can't wait for him to be moved. Don't want to cheer for the opposite team, but not disappointed with the loss either. He took the penalty he had to take at the end, but he did not looked lost out-there. Zuk has this look on his face, like he is ready to pack his bags. Happy B-day to Lettieri, he just turned 23 today!!!

Of course, the higest before tonight was the other game they played the Rangers!I think he’d be an excellent 2 center on the New York Rangers. Tell you what: I would have traded his ass outta dodge right then...And you move Hayes down to his three slot and you’re looking solid in the middle again. I also would have traded him instead of Carl HAGELIN...Rest of this year with injuries and upcoming trades he should be able to get enough ice time at the NHL so I would hope to see him get more of that ice and more PP time.Wildcard Mon Feb 5 2018 pm ESTNYStranger: part of the standings issue is that every game should be 3 points.

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