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CC: Fetishisation leads to stereotyping, it’s as simple as that.A lot of the times I’ve been called slurs it hasn’t been by someone meaning them harmfully, its been by someone thinking that’s what you call a trans person because thats what we are all called in porn.Where’s the porn where it’s not expected that performers who take meds have to be able to do that kind of thing?I think the only way we’re going to get away from the idea of there being a formula that sells and that being the only viable option for porn is if people start producing things themselves.

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It also means taking down content that the performer is no longer happy being marketed.

CC: I cannot see a better way of trans representation getting better in porn than if trans There is a wide range of ways trans people have sex.

We see a wide range of how trans people have sex, some of us are entirely comfortable with the way things are done in the mainstream and that’s fine, I wish them well.

That’s realistically not a thing that happens often with a lot of trans girls on HRT, at least not in a hugely visible way.

I avoid trying to do scenes that rely on it and because of this I think it’s hard to market sometimes.

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