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By May 2018, both data at rest and data in motion will need to comply with GDPR rules.Safeguards ensuring EU data remains within the EU—except by design—will need to be in place.However, the most popular broadband services are provided by micro-ISPs (known locally as "reţea de bloc/reţea de cartier" (Block/Neighborhood Networks)) with 50 to 3000 customers each.These ISPs usually provide their services through 100BASE-T UTP LANs, with a number of particularities and peculiarities: most were grassroot organizations and still have a feeling of community between subscribers and the management, speeds are usually divided in three categories: "LAN", "Metropolitan" and "International" with Metropolitan meaning a limited number of networks with which the micro-ISP has a peering agreement and sometimes the cable internet providers.Many of these micro-ISPs formed organizations to represent their common interests and provide for integration of services (one such organization is Interlan, covering the whole of Bucharest).Speeds, uptime, quality of service are generally not guaranteed, and while the biggest networks offer high quality connections and / 30 Mbit/s upload internationaltechnical support, for the smallest ones, there is even the risk of network cards burning because of lightning strikes and badly insulated network infrastructure.This coupled with low population and land mass helps with keeping up a high average speed Based on Net Index report at the end of first half of 2013, Timișoara became the city with the highest download speed in the world. The second Romanian city which appeared in the ranking was Constanța, in 14th place, with a speed of 34.45 Mbit/s.

Some of these micro-ISP function completely legally, while others (generally the smaller ones) are organized informally in something like a permanent LAN party.World City Ranking requires at least 75,000 unique IP addresses for a given city.This is surprising giving the fact that major cities are usually ranked lower on the list, Bucharest being listed at number 6 and Iasi is present in 9th position.I am very outgoing and sociable and have lots of...45 - Westminster, London London-based professional male seeks similar female for sharing and companionship.

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