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“They said it was horrifying and horrible, we won’t tell you more…I was sitting there and I said, ‘What did police do?Two months later, they got a call from the hospital asking them to meet with management at Mackenzie Health.“One of the nurses walked in and opened the drape around the bed and saw him — him being a hospital PSW who is responsible for bathing and changing patients — doing ungodly things to my grandmother,” Ran said, recalling what officials said.Earlier last month I was strolling through a park in downtown Tokyo, when a child suddenly caught sight of me and screamed – "Daddy, daddy! Gaijin appear in the music charts, on television, and of course on every other billboard. Japan as a nation (you will forgive the generalisation) is one that has a long-standing fascination with "foreigners" (gaijin or gaikokujin, literally “people from the outside”).

York Regional Police told Global News the hospital did not report the alleged assault to officers and that the complaint came from the family of another victim.They allege the family’s 90-year-old matriarch was sexually assaulted inside a Richmond Hill hospital and claimed it was covered up.Sonja Shirdan was admitted to Mackenzie Health for pneumonia in September 2015.It is sometimes argued by academics that this sense of Japanese people being “apart” or “different” from the rest of the world is deliberately reinforced by educational initiatives that ostensibly are designed to do the exact opposite, and I do have some sympathy with that line of argument.I would certainly agree that a Japanese national who has lived or studied abroad for any portion of time is treated quite differently (by certain people at least) than one who has not, the idea being that they have somehow been influenced – or, dare I say, corrupted – by non-Japanese ideas.

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