Dating somebody with the same birthday dating somebody with the same birthday

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It was during those times when televisions and radios were not yet accessible. I wondered how he found me when the plaza was full of people. I had stopped running away from him and accepted his love.The townsfolk always welcomed some medical representative who would show a movie in the town plaza and almost everyone went there. My free time during my high school days was spent talking to him. He said his day was not complete if he would not see me. Ours became a distant relationship because I pursued my college education in Manila and his in Cebu.Todd and Miller applied a well-known system of hypothetical decision-making called the “secretary problem” to dating.In this situation, a person must pick the best secretary from a group of applicants who appear in random order, drawn from a pool whose quality is not known. It’s all about moving forward and making smart choices. ” Going back to their advanced computer simulations, Miller and Todd raised the number of potential candidates from 100 to 1,000 and proved, to the relief of singles everywhere, that a little bit of searching indeed goes a long way.Learning that someone shares your sign can feel like kismet — even if you've just met, you've suddenly forged a connection on a celestial level.

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You and your partner probably have different moon, Venus, and/or Mars signs — and some astrologers believe these are clearer indicators of compatibility than the sun signs.

Yet all too often, we're walking around with our tiny frames trying to fit people into them.

We're looking for something or someone rather than really seeing.

Just about every astrology enthusiast has their own set of compatibility theories about which signs are meant for you (and which signs you should steer clear of).

But, to get a straight answer about how much sharing a sign will affect your love life, we consulted our favourite guides to the stars, the Astrotwins, and their tome on the topic, Their compatibility guide is purely based on the distance between your sign and your partner's sign.

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