Cameron diaz sexy scene

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‘Working with him was great because obviously I know him well and we’re good friends, we love each other, we want great things for each other and we love to laugh together.’ Diaz, who is happily coupled up with baseball player Alex Rodriguez, said she was a big fan of British men. English men are wonderful, always such great humour and so polite and well behaved, but there’s always that little naughtiness behind them which I love.’ She is currently starring opposite Colin Firth and Alan Rickman in the Coen Brothers’ new crime caper Gambit. With her 42nd birthday approaching on August 30, the actress is dismissing Hollywood's obsession with youth and embracing growing older with pride and an eagerness to try something new.The press stops have given Cameron a chance to show off her much-envied style — one constant, though, has been Cameron's love of white jeans.She's out talking up her dark comedy ahead of its release next Friday.At the 2014 charity event Fashion Rocks, Bieber removed everything but his underwear while on stage with co-presenter Lara Stone, explaining that he just didn't feel comfortable unless he was in his "Calvins."Channing Tatum shows off some of his better assets in the movie "Magic Mike," and he's set to do that again in a sequel.But as he told Elle magazine, he enjoys being in the buff off-camera, too.Jennifer Aniston explored the world of free love and nudity with Paul Rudd in the film "Wanderlust." She has been quoted as saying being nude in movies is "liberating" but denied to friend Chelsea Handler on her late night talk show that she and her fiance, Justin Theroux, are nudists. And I don't care anymore." Cameron Diaz's guide to success See more comedy content at CNN Comedy.Kate Winslet has famously had her nude portrait drawn in the film "Titanic" and stripped for other roles, though she admits it can get a bit weird stripping down on set.

Is it any shock that Rihanna showed up in a see-through dress to receive a Fashion Icon award at the 2014 CFDA fashion awards on June 2? (You can search around for the more explicit pics, as we are a family-friendly site.)Believe it or not, Matthew Mc Conaughey is passing up an opportunity to shed some of his clothes.

She said: ‘We were in partnership in trying to create the least sexiest love scene ever put on film – and I think that we succeeded.’ But the former couple still had lots of fun working together.

‘Justin’s an amazing comedian – he’s a great actor but as a comedian he has such amazing timing,’ she revealed.

"I just go in and say 'Oh, f**k, let's do it.' and Boom," she said in an interview.

If you complain about it or procrastinate, it's not going to go away. As actors, you talk about it all the time."Daniel Radcliffe spent so much time naked on the sets of films and productions, he had to ask the producers of his Brit drama, "A Young Doctor's Notebook," to let him keep some clothes on.

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