Camera boys couple model

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Work Your Bod Arch your back a little and shift your weight to one hip—it looks subtly sexy.Also, keep the mantra, "head down, eyes up" in mind. Follow The Shoulder Rule Always remember to keep your shoulder that's facing the camera relaxed.You can lightly move his hand, grab his butt to angle his body, etc.Not only will you end up with a great pic, it'll warm him up for some one-on-one action later.Liz has a great picture of Mooncake, the official Raspberry Pi cat, attempting to eat the camera cable.

Through dumb luck, the same fine-pitch FPC connector that we use on the Compute Module Development Kit just fits onto the right hand side of the board, as you can see here.There are roughly 30,000 new Zeros out there today, and we’ll be making thousands more each day until demand is met.It’s even worse if it happens at a sports game, when the camera is trained on you and the whole heartbreaking conversation is projected onto the big screen.Avoid The Smush It looks cute when your faces are close together, but be gentle with how you do it (pressing them together can make you look puffy).For the best shot, tilt your head towards him and turn your eyes toward the camera.

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