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Ancestry DNA will continue to search for matches as its database grows.

23and Me also looks for DNA matches, though their program is opt-in only. DNA Circles, an opt-in program, goes further than DNA matches by grouping Ancestry members who share a common ancestor.

The whole process is quick and simple, and the included funnel prevents spillage.

In mid-2012, Ancestry introduced Ancestry DNA, a service that analyzes your DNA and integrates that data with your family tree, if you've created one.Ancestry ships you a DNA testing kit, which you return with your saliva sample.In several weeks' time, the service posts the results to your online profile.An adult who takes a DNA test is considered the owner of that test but can assign other family members or friends to the role of managing the results and allow others to view them as well.If you're managing other people's DNA results, you can do so from your account, but each test must be associated with an account.

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