Adult role play chatrooms

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When I put forward legitimate concerns on this subject, instead of answering these concerns the moderators were rude and basically said: sorry you don't like it, this is the way it is.Did not answer any of the questions, just rude answers.I found Amino on daughter's phone when doing a check.I was not happy with a few of the communities she was following.The community has guidelines where they strictly monitor what people post.This would be ok if they were just monitoring spam or if they were monitoring language, nudity, ecc.Not all communities on the app have them available, but this introduces a new avenue of danger.

I found my child in communities and role playing with strangers slowing progressing to sexual content.// If your child is interested in using this, I think you should let them, but ONLY after you coach them in internet safety.Make sure they know what sort of things to look out for.Many of the communities are user-moderated, run by people with little moderation experience who are often minors themselves.// I don't think the app is inherently bad for kids- it serves as a way for people of a variety of age groups to discuss their interests with like-minded people.

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